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Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) have become an integral part of modern investing, providing access to a diverse range of sectors and assets. In this article, we will conduct an in-depth comparison between two prominent ETFs: AAAU (Perth Mint Physical Gold ETF) and GDXJ (VanEck Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF). We'll cover essential aspects such as ETF tickers, full names, issuers, sectors, top holdings, capitalization, investment strategy, tracking methods, and exposure.

AAAU vs. GDXJ: Overview

The AAAU and GDXJ ETFs represent distinct approaches to gold-related investments. While AAAU offers direct exposure to physical gold, GDXJ focuses on junior gold mining companies. This dichotomy in investment objectives results in varying risk profiles and potential returns, which we'll explore in the following sections.

AAAU vs. GDXJ: Sectors and Top Holdings

AAAU is centered around holding physical gold, with its primary asset being gold bullion. GDXJ, on the other hand, invests in the stocks of junior gold mining companies, including firms like Northern Star Resources and Evolution Mining. Understanding the sectors and top holdings of these ETFs enables investors to align their choices with their financial goals and risk preferences.


AAAU vs. GDXJ: Capitalization and Investment Strategy

AAAU boasts a substantial asset under management (AUM), reflecting its popularity among investors seeking exposure to the value of gold. GDXJ's investment strategy revolves around capitalizing on the performance of smaller gold mining companies. The difference in capitalization and strategy underscores the diverse opportunities and risks associated with each ETF, requiring investors to make informed decisions.

AAAU vs. GDXJ: Tracking Methods and Exposure

AAAU's objective is to provide investors with a reliable means of tracking the price of physical gold. In contrast, GDXJ offers exposure to junior gold mining companies through an index of related stocks. The distinct tracking methods and exposure strategies employed by these ETFs necessitate a careful evaluation based on an investor's specific objectives and risk tolerance.


AAAU and GDXJ present investors with distinct paths to participate in the gold sector. For individuals seeking deeper insights into holdings, correlations, overlaps, and other valuable information, the ETF Insider app serves as an invaluable tool. This user-friendly application equips investors with comprehensive details about various financial instruments, enabling them to make informed decisions that align with their investment objectives and risk profiles.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for informational purposes only and does not provide investment advisory services.


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