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Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) have revolutionized the world of investing, offering an accessible and diversified way to gain exposure to various sectors and asset classes. In this article, we will conduct a thorough comparison between two prominent ETFs: BAR (GraniteShares Gold Trust) and GDXJ (VanEck Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF). Our examination will cover key aspects such as ETF tickers, full names, issuers, sectors, top holdings, capitalization, strategy, tracking methods, and exposure levels.

BAR VS GDXJ: Overview

BAR and GDXJ represent distinct investment strategies within the precious metals sector. While BAR focuses on offering investors direct exposure to physical gold, GDXJ concentrates on the junior gold mining companies. This divergence in focus leads to unique risk and return profiles, which we will delve into in the subsequent sections.

BAR VS GDXJ: Sectors and Top Holdings

The BAR ETF is tailored to those seeking exposure to the price of gold itself, with its primary holding being gold bullion. On the other hand, GDXJ invests in the stocks of junior gold mining companies, including firms like Yamana Gold, Pan American Silver, and Alamos Gold. Understanding the sectors and top holdings of these ETFs empowers investors to make informed decisions aligned with their investment objectives and risk tolerance.


BAR VS GDXJ: Capitalization and Strategy

BAR boasts a substantial Asset Under Management (AUM), which reflects its popularity among investors seeking direct exposure to the value of gold. GDXJ, on the other hand, is focused on capitalizing on the performance of junior gold mining companies, which can carry additional risk due to their smaller market capitalization. The varying capitalization and strategies of these ETFs offer investors a choice between different risk and return profiles.

BAR VS GDXJ: Tracking and Exposure

The BAR ETF aims to closely track the daily movement of gold prices by holding physical gold bullion. GDXJ, however, provides exposure to the junior gold mining sector by tracking an index of relevant companies. The differing tracking and exposure methods between these ETFs result in varying performance dynamics. Understanding these intricacies is essential for investors to select the ETF that aligns with their investment goals.


BAR and GDXJ are ETFs that cater to specific investment strategies within the precious metals realm. Those interested in exploring holdings, correlations, overlaps, and other insights can benefit from using ETF Insider—an intuitive app that provides in-depth information on various financial instruments. This app serves as a valuable resource for investors seeking to make informed decisions based on comprehensive analysis and data.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for informational purposes only and does not provide investment advisory services.


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