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Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) have transformed the investment landscape, offering investors a convenient and diversified way to gain exposure to various sectors and asset classes. In this article, we will conduct an in-depth comparison between two prominent ETFs: PHYS (Sprott Physical Gold Trust) and GDXJ (VanEck Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF). We will delve into key aspects such as ETF tickers, full names, issuers, sectors, top holdings, capitalization, strategy, tracking, and exposure.

PHYS vs GDXJ: Overview

PHYS and GDXJ are both ETFs that focus on the precious metals sector, but they cater to different segments within it. While PHYS provides exposure to physical gold, GDXJ targets junior gold mining companies. This distinction in their underlying assets and strategies results in varied risk profiles and investment objectives.

PHYS vs GDXJ: Sectors and Top Holdings

The PHYS ETF primarily holds physical gold bullion, which directly tracks the price of gold. On the other hand, GDXJ invests in junior gold mining companies, including firms such as Alamos Gold, Yamana Gold, and Endeavour Mining. Analyzing the sectors and top holdings helps investors understand the specific industries they are exposed to and the potential for growth or volatility.


PHYS vs GDXJ: Capitalization and Strategy

PHYS boasts a substantial Asset Under Management (AUM) due to its appeal as a direct play on the value of gold. GDXJ, focusing on junior gold miners, takes a more specialized approach to capturing potential gains within the sector. Investors should consider the differences in capitalization and strategy when evaluating risk and return potential.

PHYS vs GDXJ: Tracking and Exposure

PHYS offers investors a straightforward way to track the price of gold as it moves in the market. GDXJ, on the other hand, provides exposure to the junior gold mining industry through a diversified basket of stocks. The tracking methods employed by each ETF influence the extent of correlation to the underlying asset, and understanding these distinctions is crucial for making informed investment decisions.


PHYS and GDXJ serve as compelling options for investors interested in the precious metals sector, each with its unique focus and investment strategy. To gain deeper insights into the holdings, correlations, and other valuable information about these ETFs, investors can turn to ETF Insider—a user-friendly app that empowers users to explore various financial instruments comprehensively.

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Disclaimer: This article is intended for informational purposes only and does not provide any investment advisory services. Investors should conduct their research and consult with financial professionals before making any investment decisions.


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