POTX VS YOLO: A Comprehensive Comparison of ETFs
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By Ron Koren, ETF Insider

POTX VS YOLO: A Comprehensive Comparison of ETFs

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) have become integral to modern investment strategies, providing investors with diversified exposure across a range of sectors and asset classes. In this comprehensive analysis, we will undertake a thorough comparison between two prominent ETFs: POTX (Global X Cannabis ETF) and YOLO (AdvisorShares Pure Cannabis ETF). We'll delve into key aspects such as ETF tickers, full names, issuers, sectors, top holdings, capitalization, strategy, tracking methods, and exposure.

POTX VS YOLO: Overview

POTX and YOLO are two ETFs with distinct approaches within the burgeoning cannabis industry. While POTX targets the global cannabis market, YOLO focuses on providing exposure to the broader cannabis ecosystem. This difference in scope results in divergent holdings and risk profiles, factors that we'll explore in the following sections.

POTX VS YOLO: Sectors and Top Holdings

The POTX ETF is designed to cover the entire cannabis supply chain, including cultivation, production, and distribution. Its top holdings include leading cannabis companies such as Canopy Growth, GW Pharmaceuticals, and Cronos Group. YOLO, on the other hand, emphasizes North American cannabis companies, with holdings like Tilray, Aphria, and Aurora Cannabis. Analyzing the sectors and top holdings can aid investors in making informed decisions based on their investment objectives.

POTX overlap POTX VS YOLO: A Comprehensive Comparison of ETFsPOTX overlap POTX VS YOLO: A Comprehensive Comparison of ETFs

POTX VS YOLO: Capitalization and Strategy

POTX boasts a notable asset under management (AUM), signifying its popularity among investors seeking comprehensive exposure to the global cannabis industry. YOLO's strategy revolves around providing access to a diversified portfolio of cannabis-related companies. The variance in capitalization and strategy between these ETFs introduces differing potential returns and levels of risk, requiring careful consideration by investors.

POTX VS YOLO: Tracking and Exposure

POTX seeks to provide investors with exposure to the entire cannabis market, from cultivation and production to distribution and ancillary services. YOLO, meanwhile, aims to capture the performance of North American companies that are part of the cannabis ecosystem. The methods of tracking and exposure differ: POTX encompasses global cannabis-related activities, while YOLO's focus is on a specific region. Understanding these distinctions assists investors in selecting the ETF that aligns with their investment goals.


POTX and YOLO represent distinctive approaches to investing in the rapidly evolving cannabis industry. For those seeking a deeper understanding of holdings, correlations, overlaps, and other insights, the ETF Insider offers a comprehensive platform. Through its user-friendly app, investors can gain extensive insights into these ETFs and other financial instruments, aiding in informed decision-making.

Disclaimer: This article does not provide any investment advisory services.


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