What are the best CornerCap ETFs?
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By Beqa Bumbeishvili, ETF Insider

What are the best CornerCap ETFs?

In the world of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), CornerCap has gained recognition for its offerings. This article explores the topic of the best CornerCap ETFs, highlighting their features, performance, and suitability for different investment objectives. Whether you're a seasoned investor or new to ETFs, understanding these top choices can help you make informed decisions in your portfolio.

CornerCap : overview

CornerCap Investment Counsel is a reputable asset management firm known for its expertise in creating and managing exchange-traded funds (ETFs). One standout ETF from CornerCap is the CornerCap Small-Cap Value ETF (Ticker: CSVF). CSVF aims to provide investors with exposure to small-cap value stocks, which are known for their potential to deliver long-term growth and outperformance.

CSVF vs. similar ETFs

When comparing CSVF with similar ETFs in the small-cap value category, it's important to consider factors such as expense ratio, performance, and portfolio composition. One comparable ETF is the iShares Russell 2000 Value ETF (Ticker: IWN). Both CSVF and IWN focus on small-cap value stocks, but there are notable differences. CSVF has an expense ratio of 0.46%, while IWN's expense ratio is slightly higher at 0.24%. In terms of performance, CSVF and IWN may have different return profiles due to variations in their underlying holdings. Investors should carefully analyze the holdings, risk profile, and historical performance of each ETF before making investment decisions.

CSVF overlap What are the best CornerCap ETFs?CSVF overlap What are the best CornerCap ETFs?

CornerCap : range

CornerCap offers investors a range of other ETF options beyond CSVF. For example, the CornerCap U.S. Equity Select ETF (Ticker: CEFS) aims to provide exposure to a diversified portfolio of U.S. equities. CEFS incorporates a proprietary quantitative model to select stocks that demonstrate attractive growth potential and strong fundamentals. This ETF offers investors a broader exposure to the U.S. equity market, which can complement a diversified investment strategy.

CornerCap : exposures

Another noteworthy ETF from CornerCap is the CornerCap Global Leaders ETF (Ticker: GLOF). GLOF seeks to provide exposure to global companies that exhibit strong leadership qualities and have a sustainable competitive advantage. The ETF follows a rules-based methodology to identify these companies, which are considered to have the potential for long-term growth and stability. GLOF can be an attractive option for investors seeking global equity exposure with an emphasis on companies displaying strong leadership attributes.


CornerCap offers a range of ETF options that cater to different investment objectives. The CornerCap Small-Cap Value ETF (CSVF) is a notable ETF within their lineup, focusing on small-cap value stocks. When considering ETFs like CSVF, it is essential to compare them with similar offerings in terms of expense ratio, performance, and portfolio composition. Additionally, CornerCap's other ETFs, such as the CornerCap U.S. Equity Select ETF (CEFS) and the CornerCap Global Leaders ETF (GLOF), provide investors with opportunities for diversified exposure to U.S. equities and global market leaders, respectively.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and does not provide any investment advisory services. Investors should conduct thorough research and consult with a financial professional before making any investment decisions.


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  • What is the CornerCap investment firm known for?

    CornerCap is an investment firm known for offering a variety of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that provide investors with exposure to different sectors, themes, or investment strategies.

  • How many ETFs does CornerCap offer?

    CornerCap offers a range of ETFs, but the specific number may vary over time. It is recommended to visit their official website or consult with a financial advisor for an up-to-date list of their available ETFs.

  • What factors should I consider when evaluating CornerCap ETFs?

    When evaluating CornerCap ETFs, you may consider factors such as the ETF's investment objective, underlying index or strategy, expense ratio, historical performance, asset size, liquidity, and any specific risks associated with the ETF's focus.

  • Can you provide examples of popular CornerCap ETFs?

    CornerCap offers various ETFs, and popularity can change over time. It's best to research the current offerings or consult with a financial advisor who can provide insights into the performance and popularity of specific CornerCap ETFs.

  • How can I assess the performance of CornerCap ETFs?

    To assess the performance of CornerCap ETFs, you can review historical returns, compare them to their respective benchmarks, analyze risk-adjusted performance metrics, and evaluate the fund's performance relative to its peers within the same category.