What are the best First Trust ETFs?
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By Ron Koren, ETF Insider

What are the best First Trust ETFs?

First Trust is a well-known issuer of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that offers a wide range of investment options to investors. When it comes to First Trust ETFs, there are several notable options worth considering. One such ETF is the First Trust Technology AlphaDEX Fund (FXL).

First Trust Technology AlphaDEX Fund (FXL)

The First Trust Technology AlphaDEX Fund (FXL) is an ETF that focuses on the technology sector. It seeks to track the performance of the StrataQuant® Technology Index, which is designed to select and weight stocks based on various growth and value factors. FXL aims to provide investors with exposure to technology companies that exhibit strong growth potential and favorable valuation metrics.

Compared to other similar technology-focused ETFs, FXL stands out for its unique approach to stock selection and weighting. By utilizing the AlphaDEX® methodology, which combines fundamental and quantitative analysis, FXL aims to outperform traditional market-cap-weighted technology ETFs. This active management style may appeal to investors looking for potential alpha generation within the technology sector.

Why Invest in First Trust ETFs?

Investing in First Trust ETFs can offer several advantages for investors. Here are a few reasons why First Trust ETFs are worth considering:

Diverse Range of Investment Options: First Trust offers a wide array of ETFs spanning various asset classes, sectors, and investment strategies. This diversity allows investors to tailor their portfolios according to their specific investment goals and risk preferences.

Innovative Index Methodologies: Many First Trust ETFs utilize proprietary index methodologies that go beyond traditional market-cap weighting. These methodologies aim to identify companies with desirable characteristics, such as strong fundamentals, attractive valuation, or specific investment themes.

Transparent and Cost-Efficient: ETFs generally provide transparency in terms of holdings and expenses, and First Trust ETFs are no exception. Investors can easily access information about the underlying holdings and expenses of First Trust ETFs, making it easier to evaluate and compare options.

Historical Performance: First Trust has a track record of offering ETFs that have delivered competitive performance compared to their respective benchmarks. However, past performance does not guarantee future results, and investors should always conduct thorough research and due diligence before making investment decisions.

First Trust ETF,FXL overlap What are the best First Trust ETFs?First Trust ETF,FXL overlap What are the best First Trust ETFs?

Are First Trust ETFs Suitable for You?

Determining whether First Trust ETFs are suitable for you depends on your investment objectives, risk tolerance, and individual preferences. Here are some factors to consider when evaluating First Trust ETFs or any ETFs in general:

Investment Strategy: Understand the investment strategy and underlying holdings of the ETF. Ensure that it aligns with your investment goals and risk tolerance.

Expense Ratio: Evaluate the expense ratio of the ETF as it directly affects your investment returns. Compare the expense ratios of similar ETFs to find a cost-efficient option.

Liquidity and Trading Volume: Consider the liquidity and trading volume of the ETF. Higher liquidity and trading volume can result in tighter bid-ask spreads, reducing the impact of transaction costs.

Diversification: Assess the level of diversification offered by the ETF. Diversified ETFs can help mitigate risks associated with individual stocks or sectors.


First Trust offers a range of ETFs catering to different investment strategies and asset classes. One notable ETF is the First Trust Technology AlphaDEX Fund (FXL), which utilizes a unique stock selection and weighting methodology. However, it is essential to carefully evaluate each ETF's investment strategy, expense ratio, liquidity, and diversification before making investment decisions.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and does not provide any investment advisory services. Investors should conduct their own research and consult with a financial advisor before making investment decisions.

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  • What are the best First Trust ETFs?

    The best First Trust ETFs can vary depending on individual preferences and investment goals. However, here are six popular First Trust ETFs worth considering:

  • What factors should I consider when evaluating First Trust ETFs?

    When evaluating First Trust ETFs, consider factors such as expense ratios, tracking accuracy, liquidity, assets under management (AUM), the investment objective, the underlying index or strategy, and the historical performance of the ETF.

  • How do I choose the right First Trust ETF for my investment goals?

    To choose the right First Trust ETF for your investment goals, consider factors such as your risk tolerance, desired exposure to specific sectors or investment themes, investment time horizon, and the overall market outlook for the particular investment strategy of the ETF.

  • Are there any specific risks associated with investing in First Trust ETFs?

    While First Trust ETFs aim to provide market exposure and diversification, they are still subject to market risks. These risks include market volatility, economic conditions, geopolitical events, and fluctuations in the underlying assets of the ETF.

  • How can I research the performance of First Trust ETFs?

    You can research the performance of First Trust ETFs by analyzing historical returns, comparing them to relevant benchmarks or indices, reviewing fund prospectuses and fact sheets provided by First Trust, and considering ratings and analysis from reputable financial research providers.