What are the best Thrivent ETFs?
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By Beqa Bumbeishvili, ETF Insider

What are the best Thrivent ETFs?

In this article, we will explore some of the top Thrivent ETFs available in the market. Thrivent ETFs offer investors a range of options across different asset classes, providing opportunities for diversification and potential growth. Whether you're a seasoned investor or new to ETFs, this guide will highlight some of the best Thrivent ETFs worth considering for your investment portfolio.

Thrivent Low Volatility Equity Fund (TLV): Minimizing Volatility in U.S. Large-Cap Stocks

When it comes to investing in Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), Thrivent Financial is a reputable name to consider. One of the standout ETFs offered by Thrivent is the Thrivent Low Volatility Equity Fund (TLV). TLV is designed to provide investors with exposure to U.S. large-cap stocks while focusing on minimizing volatility. The fund aims to achieve this by employing a quantitative strategy that selects stocks with lower historical volatility compared to the broader market. By investing in TLV, investors can potentially reduce the impact of market swings while still participating in the long-term growth of the stock market.

Comparing Low Volatility ETFs: TLV, USMV, SPLV

When comparing TLV to other similar ETFs in the market, it stands out due to its specific focus on low volatility stocks. Other popular low volatility ETFs include the iShares Edge MSCI Min Vol USA ETF (USMV) and the Invesco S&P 500 Low Volatility ETF (SPLV). While all three ETFs aim to provide investors with exposure to less volatile stocks, TLV's methodology and selection process may differ, resulting in varying performance and risk characteristics. It's important for investors to carefully analyze the underlying holdings, historical performance, and expense ratios of these ETFs to make an informed investment decision.

USMV overlap What are the best Thrivent ETFs?USMV overlap What are the best Thrivent ETFs?

Thrivent Mid Cap Growth Fund (TMG): Unleashing Growth Potential in Mid-Sized U.S. Companies

Another noteworthy ETF offered by Thrivent is the Thrivent Mid Cap Growth Fund (TMG). This ETF focuses on providing investors with exposure to mid-sized U.S. companies that demonstrate growth potential. TMG aims to achieve this by investing in a diversified portfolio of mid-cap growth stocks. By selecting companies that show strong growth prospects, TMG aims to outperform the broader mid-cap market index.

Comparing Mid-Cap Growth ETFs: TMG, IWP, VOT

When comparing TMG to other similar ETFs, investors may consider the iShares Russell Mid-Cap Growth ETF (IWP) and the Vanguard Mid-Cap Growth ETF (VOT). These ETFs also target mid-cap growth companies but may have different investment strategies and underlying holdings. Investors should evaluate factors such as expense ratios, historical performance, and the specific selection criteria used by each ETF to determine which one aligns best with their investment goals.

Expense Ratios: Considering the Costs of Investing

One key factor to consider when evaluating ETFs is their expense ratios. The expense ratio represents the annual fee charged by the fund for managing investors' assets. Thrivent, like many other ETF issuers, aims to provide investors with cost-effective options. However, it's essential to compare expense ratios across different ETFs to ensure you're getting the best value for your investment.

Diversifying with Thrivent ETFs: Building a Balanced Portfolio

Diversification is an essential aspect of constructing an investment portfolio, and ETFs can play a crucial role in achieving it. Thrivent offers a range of ETFs that provide exposure to different asset classes, sectors, and investment styles. By combining various Thrivent ETFs, investors can create a well-diversified portfolio that aligns with their risk tolerance and investment objectives.

For instance, investors seeking exposure to large-cap U.S. companies can consider combining the Thrivent Low Volatility Equity Fund (TLV) with the Thrivent Large Cap Growth Fund (TLG). This combination would provide exposure to both low volatility and growth-oriented stocks within the large-cap segment. By diversifying across different asset classes and investment styles, investors can potentially reduce risk and capture opportunities in various market conditions.


Thrivent offers a range of ETFs designed to meet different investment objectives and preferences. The Thrivent Low Volatility Equity Fund (TLV) and Thrivent Mid Cap Growth Fund (TMG) are two notable options for investors looking to focus on low volatility stocks and mid-cap growth companies, respectively. However, it's important to conduct thorough research, comparing performance, expense ratios, and investment strategies before making investment decisions.

Disclaimer: This article provides general information about Thrivent ETFs and is not providing any investment advisory services. Investors should conduct their own research and consult with a financial professional before making any investment decisions.


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  • What is Thrivent Financial?

    Thrivent Financial is a financial services organization that provides various investment and insurance products, including exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

  • What are Thrivent ETFs?

    Thrivent ETFs are a series of exchange-traded funds offered by Thrivent Financial. These funds are designed to provide investors with exposure to specific asset classes, sectors, or investment strategies.

  • How can I determine the best Thrivent ETFs?

    Determining the best Thrivent ETFs depends on your investment goals, risk tolerance, and investment strategy. It's essential to consider factors such as the ETF's objective, underlying index or strategy, performance track record, expense ratio, and asset size.

  • Can you provide some examples of Thrivent ETFs?

    While I don't have the most up-to-date information on specific Thrivent ETFs, some examples of Thrivent ETFs that were available as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021 include Thrivent Low Duration Income Fund (TLI), Thrivent Municipal Bond Fund (THMB), and Thrivent Multidimensional Income Fund (TMDI).

  • How can I research and compare Thrivent ETFs?

    To research and compare Thrivent ETFs, you can visit Thrivent Financial's official website or contact their customer service. Additionally, you can utilize financial research platforms or investment websites that provide comprehensive data and analysis on ETFs, such as Morningstar, Yahoo Finance, or ETFdb.