What is the  FDLS ETF ?
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By Ron Koren, ETF Insider

What is the FDLS ETF ?

In the world of finance, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) have become increasingly popular among investors due to their diversified and flexible nature. Among them is the Fidelis Multi-Factor ETF (FDLS), which stands out for its unique approach to investment. In this article, we will delve into the key aspects of the FDLS ETF, providing an overview, understanding its underlying and exposure, benefits of investing, and considerations before investing.

FDLS ETF: Overview

The Fidelis Multi-Factor ETF (FDLS) is a passively managed investment fund offered by Wallick Investments, LLC. It aims to replicate the performance of the Fidelis US Multi-Factor Index. The Index Provider employs a proprietary ranking system, the Fidelis Multi-Factor Score, to select 100 constituents from a universe of eligible common stocks.

FDLS ETF: Underlying and Exposure

The Fidelis Multi-Factor Index comprises 100 securities selected based on their exposure to traditional factors: quality, value, and momentum. Additionally, the index incorporates a Christian values component within the quality factor and a dividend and low volatility component within the value factor.
The index methodology considers specific criteria for eligible index components, including being listed on a major US stock exchange, having a market capitalization of $250 million or more, and being in the top 60% of stocks for combined value, growth, and momentum factors. The index excludes companies involved in certain activities like abortion services, pornography, alcohol production, and more, based on their Inspire Impact Score®.
The Index Provider assigns each constituent an equal weight of 1%, with sector weightings in line with the Index's target sector allocations. This ensures diversification across industries and minimizes concentration risk.

FDLS overlap What is the  FDLS ETF ?FDLS overlap What is the FDLS ETF ?

FDLS ETF: Benefits to Invest in this ETF

The FDLS ETF offers several benefits to investors:
Diversification: With exposure to 100 different securities, investors gain a diversified portfolio, reducing the impact of individual stock price fluctuations.
Passive Management: The ETF follows a passive investment strategy, aiming to replicate the index's performance, which often results in lower fees compared to actively managed funds.
Multi-Factor Approach: The Fidelis Multi-Factor Index's unique methodology incorporates various factors like quality, value, momentum, and Christian values, potentially enhancing risk-adjusted returns.
Ethical and Social Considerations: The index's screening process excludes companies involved in activities contrary to biblical values, allowing investors to align their investments with their ethical beliefs.
Equal Weighting: Each constituent's equal weight ensures that smaller companies have a proportionate impact on the ETF's performance, promoting a more balanced exposure.

FDLS ETF: Considerations Before Investing

Before investing in the FDLS ETF, investors should consider the following factors:
Risk Tolerance: Like all investments, the FDLS ETF carries inherent risks, and investors should assess their risk tolerance and investment objectives.
Past Performance: Although past performance does not guarantee future results, understanding the ETF's historical performance can provide insights into its behavior.
Expense Ratio: Evaluate the expense ratio, which represents the annual cost of owning the ETF. Lower expense ratios can boost overall returns.
Long-Term Perspective: ETFs are generally better suited for long-term investments, as short-term market fluctuations may not impact the long-term growth potential.


The Fidelis Multi-Factor ETF (FDLS) offers investors an opportunity to access a diverse portfolio of US securities while incorporating Christian values and employing a multi-factor investment approach. Before investing, individuals should carefully consider their risk tolerance and long-term investment objectives. As always, it is essential to conduct thorough research and, if necessary, consult with a financial advisor to make informed investment decisions.

This article provides general information about the FDLS ETF and is not providing any investment advisory services. Investors should conduct their due diligence and seek professional advice before making any investment decisions.

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  • What is the FDLS ETF?

    The FDLS ETF, also known as the FundX Dynamic Long/Short ETF, is an exchange-traded fund that aims to provide exposure to a dynamic long/short strategy in the market.

  • How does the FDLS ETF work?

    The FDLS ETF utilizes a long/short strategy, which means it seeks to profit from both rising and falling markets. It invests in a mix of long positions (expecting asset price appreciation) and short positions (betting on asset price declines) using various instruments, including futures contracts on emission allowances and other derivatives.

  • What is the underlying index or strategy that the FDLS ETF follows?

    The FDLS ETF does not track a traditional index. Instead, it employs a dynamic long/short strategy managed by the FundX team. The strategy involves actively adjusting the portfolio's exposure to capture potential gains and manage risk.

  • What are carbon credit futures, and how are they related to the FDLS ETF?

    Carbon credit futures are financial contracts linked to the value of emission allowances under a cap and trade regulatory regime. These futures represent the right to emit a specified amount of greenhouse gases. The FDLS ETF invests in carbon credit futures issued under the California Carbon Allowance cap and trade regime, aiming to profit from changes in their value.

  • What are the risks associated with investing in the FDLS ETF?

    The FDLS ETF's long/short strategy introduces additional risks compared to traditional ETFs. It may be exposed to market risk, credit risk, and derivatives risk due to its use of futures contracts and other derivatives. Additionally, the ETF's performance may deviate from the broader market, and the strategy's success relies on the FundX team's ability to make effective investment decisions.