What is the  MBOX ETF ?
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By Ron Koren, ETF Insider

What is the MBOX ETF ?

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) have become increasingly popular among investors due to their flexibility, diversification, and ease of trading. Among the myriad of financial instruments available, the MBOX ETF has garnered attention for its unique approach to achieving rising dividend income streams. In this article, we will delve into the MBOX ETF's overview, its underlying and exposure strategies, the benefits of investing in this ETF, and important considerations before making an investment decision.

MBOX ETF: Overview

The MBOX ETF is an actively managed fund designed to achieve its investment objective by investing in equity securities that the Sub-Adviser, Freedom Day Solutions, LLC, believes will provide rising dividend income streams over time. Unlike traditional index-tracking ETFs, the MBOX ETF is actively managed, allowing for a more dynamic investment approach. The fund targets equity securities trading on U.S. stock exchanges with market capitalizations generally above $1 billion, focusing on large- and mid-capitalization companies.

MBOX ETF: Underlying and Exposure - What Does It Track and How?

The Sub-Adviser of the MBOX ETF employs a two-fold investment strategy - fundamental analysis and quantitative methods. The process begins by identifying dividend-paying companies with the potential for increasing dividend payments in the future. This is done through fundamental analysis, which evaluates a security's intrinsic value using various metrics like price multiples and earnings ratios. Next, quantitative metrics are applied to assess the likelihood of dividend increases over time. These metrics include dividend payment history, free cash flow, dividend growth rate, and other technical factors. Through this combined approach, the Sub-Adviser aims to identify companies with strong dividend prospects for the MBOX ETF's portfolio.

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MBOX ETF: Benefits of Investing in this ETF

The MBOX ETF offers several compelling benefits that attract investors seeking stable dividend income and potential capital appreciation.
Dividend Growth Potential: By targeting companies with the potential for increasing dividend payments over time, the MBOX ETF aims to provide a steady and growing stream of income to investors.
Diversification: With holdings in approximately 30 to 50 companies at any given time, the MBOX ETF offers diversification across various sectors, reducing single-stock risk.
Active Management: The actively managed nature of the MBOX ETF allows for adaptability to market conditions, potentially providing better risk-adjusted returns compared to passive index-tracking ETFs.
Exposure to Promising Sectors: As of September 30, 2022, the MBOX ETF had significant exposure to sectors such as Health Care, Consumer Discretionary, Energy, Financials, and Information Technology, offering investors exposure to sectors with growth potential.

MBOX ETF: Considerations Before Investing

While the MBOX ETF presents attractive features, potential investors should also be aware of some considerations.
Active Management Risks: The ETF's performance will heavily rely on the Sub-Adviser's ability to select dividend-paying companies that can deliver on their projected dividend growth. This introduces manager risk, as incorrect assessments could impact the fund's performance.
Expense Ratios: Actively managed ETFs often have higher expense ratios than passive ETFs. Investors should consider whether the potential benefits justify the additional costs.
Market Conditions: As an actively managed fund, the MBOX ETF's portfolio holdings may be re-evaluated more frequently in response to market movements or other factors. Investors should be aware of potential changes in the fund's strategy.


The MBOX ETF presents an intriguing option for investors seeking rising dividend income streams from equity securities. Its active management approach, diversification, and focus on dividend growth potential make it an appealing choice. However, investors must carefully consider the risks and potential rewards before making any investment decisions.

Disclaimer: This article does not provide investment advisory services. The information presented here is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial advice. Investors should conduct their research and seek professional advice before making investment decisions.

Sources: The Fund description provided by Freedom Day Solutions, LLC.

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  • What is the MBOX ETF?

    The MBOX ETF, also known as the AllianzIM Buffered S&P 500 ETF, is an exchange-traded fund that aims to match the share price returns of the SPDR® S&P 500® ETF Trust (the "Underlying ETF") over a specified one-year period, subject to an upside maximum percentage return (the "Cap") and a downside buffer against the first 20% of losses (the "Buffer").

  • What is the underlying index that the MBOX ETF aims to track?

    The MBOX ETF aims to track the performance of the S&P 500® Index, a large-cap, market-weighted index of U.S. equities.

  • How does the MBOX ETF work?

    The MBOX ETF invests at least 80% of its net assets in FLEX Options that reference the Underlying ETF. FLEX Options are customized equity or index options contracts that provide investors with the ability to customize key contract terms like exercise prices and expiration dates.

  • What are the outcomes the MBOX ETF seeks to achieve for each Outcome Period?

    The MBOX ETF aims to provide investors with positive returns that match the return of the Underlying ETF's share price, up to the Cap, if the Underlying ETF's share price has increased at the end of the Outcome Period. If the Underlying ETF's share price has decreased, the MBOX ETF is designed to compensate for the first 20% of losses. If the Underlying ETF's share price decreases by more than 20%, the MBOX ETF is expected to experience subsequent losses on a one-to-one basis.

  • What are the advantages of investing in the MBOX ETF?

    Investing in the MBOX ETF offers the potential for positive returns that mirror the performance of the Underlying ETF, with a downside buffer against the first 20% of losses. It provides an opportunity to gain exposure to the S&P 500® Index and offers a defined risk-reward profile over a one-year Outcome Period.