What is the  QLC ETF ?
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By Ron Koren, ETF Insider

What is the QLC ETF ?

In the vast world of financial instruments, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) have gained immense popularity among investors. One such ETF that has caught the attention of many is the QLC ETF. In this article, we will delve into the details of the QLC ETF, its underlying index, benefits of investing in it, and considerations to keep in mind before making an investment decision.

QLC ETF: Overview

The QLC ETF, short for Quality, Value, and Momentum ETF, is designed to reflect the performance of a selection of companies that possess greater exposure to quality, value, and momentum factors relative to a universe of publicly-traded U.S. large-capitalization equity securities. The underlying index aims to maximize exposure to these composite factors while minimizing overall risk relative to the Starting Universe.

QLC ETF: Underlying and Exposure - What does it track and how?

The underlying index of the QLC ETF is based on a proprietary blended multi-factor score developed by the Index Provider, Northern Trust (NTI). This score quantitatively assesses companies based on their quality, value, and momentum characteristics. Quality represents financial strength and stability, value reflects a company's worth relative to historical value or peers, and momentum considers market sentiment and price changes over time.
To construct the underlying index, NTI ranks all constituents of the Starting Universe, which consists of the 600 largest companies in the Northern Trust 1250 Index. The optimization process is then used to select and weight eligible securities, considering various constraints such as sector, industry group, single-security weight, beta, liquidity, and turnover. The index is governed by published, objective rules for security selection, exclusion, rebalancing, and adjustments for corporate actions.

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QLC ETF: Benefits to Invest in this ETF

The QLC ETF offers several benefits for investors. Firstly, it provides exposure to companies that exhibit quality, value, and momentum characteristics, which may lead to potentially higher returns. Secondly, by diversifying investments across a selection of large-cap U.S. equities, the ETF helps spread risk. Moreover, the "passive" or indexing approach used by NTI aims to closely track the underlying index's performance, making it a reliable investment option for those seeking consistent returns.

QLC ETF: Considerations Before Investing

While the QLC ETF presents an attractive investment opportunity, investors should consider certain factors before making a decision. As with any investment, there are risks involved, and past performance does not guarantee future results. Understanding the specific criteria of the underlying index and the sector concentration of the ETF is crucial. Additionally, investors must assess their risk tolerance, investment goals, and time horizon to determine if the QLC ETF aligns with their overall investment strategy.


The QLC ETF, with its focus on quality, value, and momentum factors, offers a promising investment option for those looking to gain exposure to U.S. large-cap equities. However, like any financial instrument, thorough research, and consideration of individual circumstances are essential before making an investment. By understanding the underlying index and the specific features of the QLC ETF, investors can make informed decisions to build a robust and diversified investment portfolio.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and does not provide investment advisory services.

The Underlying Index information, provided by Northern Trust (NTI), the Index Provider.
Information regarding the QLC ETF and its investment strategy as of December 31, 2022.
Remember to always consult with a qualified financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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  • What is the QLC ETF?

    The QLC ETF, also known as the FlexShares US Quality Large Cap Index Fund, is an exchange-traded fund that seeks to track the performance of the Northern Trust Quality Large Cap Index.

  • What is the underlying index that the QLC ETF aims to track?

    The QLC ETF aims to track the Northern Trust Quality Large Cap Index, which includes large-cap U.S. companies with strong profitability, solid management, and stable cash flows.

  • What types of companies are included in the QLC ETF?

    The QLC ETF includes large-cap companies that exhibit high-quality characteristics, such as strong balance sheets, consistent earnings growth, and sustainable competitive advantages.

  • How does the QLC ETF work?

    The QLC ETF operates by investing in a portfolio of large-cap U.S. stocks that match the composition of the Northern Trust Quality Large Cap Index, providing investors with exposure to high-quality companies.

  • What are the advantages of investing in the QLC ETF?

    Investing in the QLC ETF offers potential for stable returns and reduced risk due to the focus on high-quality companies. Additionally, it provides diversification across large-cap U.S. stocks.