What is the  TILT ETF ?
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By Ron Koren, ETF Insider

What is the TILT ETF ?

In the ever-evolving landscape of finance, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have emerged as a popular investment option for both seasoned investors and newcomers alike. Among the vast array of ETFs available in the market, TILT ETF stands out due to its unique approach and underlying index. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of TILT ETF, exploring its overview, underlying exposure, benefits of investment, and important considerations before investing.

TILT ETF Overview:

TILT ETF, short for "TILT ETF Name," is designed to replicate the performance of an innovative index that emphasizes size and value factors. The underlying index aims to outperform the Morningstar US Market Index, comprising large-, mid-, small-, and micro-capitalization companies. The index methodology, determined by Morningstar, Inc., achieves a "factor tilt" by adjusting constituent weights, favoring smaller market capitalizations and lower valuations. This approach is aimed at increasing exposure to small-capitalization and value stocks, ultimately influencing the fund's performance.

TILT ETF Underlying and Exposure: What Does It Track and How?

The underlying index of TILT ETF comprises 2,467 issues, featuring companies with market capitalizations ranging from $100.41 million to $2.1 trillion, as of December 31, 2022. It operates under transparent, published, and objective rules for security selection, exclusion, rebalancing, and corporate actions adjustments. Reconstitution occurs semi-annually, while rebalancing happens quarterly. The ETF employs a "passive" or indexing approach, aligning with its investment objective, rather than attempting to outperform its benchmark index. TILT ETF adopts a representative sampling strategy, investing in a subset of securities mirroring the index's profile, although it may not hold all constituent securities.

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TILT ETF Benefits of Investing in This ETF:

TILT ETF offers several compelling benefits for investors seeking diversified exposure with a factor tilt towards size and value. By incorporating companies with smaller market capitalizations and lower valuations, the ETF presents opportunities for potentially higher returns, especially in favorable economic conditions for small-cap and value stocks. Additionally, its passive investment approach provides a low-cost, long-term investment option, as it avoids the higher expenses associated with active management.

TILT ETF Considerations Before Investing:

While TILT ETF presents promising opportunities, investors must be aware of certain considerations before committing their capital. As an ETF focused on size and value factors, its performance may be more volatile compared to broad-market ETFs. This heightened volatility could lead to both greater gains and larger losses. Additionally, investors should evaluate their risk tolerance and investment horizon, as TILT ETF's factor tilt may lead to different performance outcomes in various market cycles.


TILT ETF provides investors with a unique and innovative approach to exposure in the financial markets. With its focus on size and value factors, it offers the potential for enhanced returns, albeit with increased volatility. As with any investment decision, it is crucial to thoroughly research and understand the underlying index and the ETF's strategy before incorporating it into one's portfolio.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice. The content provided herein is not intended to offer any investment advisory services. Investors should conduct their due diligence and seek professional advice before making investment decisions.

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  • What is the TILT ETF?

    The TILT ETF, also known as the FlexShares Morninstar US Market Factors Tilt Index Fund, is an exchange-traded fund that aims to provide investors with exposure to U.S. equities while tilting towards certain factors for potential outperformance.

  • How does the TILT ETF work?

    The TILT ETF operates by tracking the Morningstar US Market Factors Tilt Index, which uses a rules-based methodology to overweight certain factors like value, size, momentum, and quality in the U.S. equity market.

  • What factors does the TILT ETF emphasize?

    The TILT ETF emphasizes factors like value, which focuses on undervalued stocks; size, which tilts towards small-cap stocks; momentum, which looks for stocks with positive price trends; and quality, which emphasizes financially stable and profitable companies.

  • What is the investment objective of the TILT ETF?

    The investment objective of the TILT ETF is to seek long-term capital appreciation by tilting towards specific factors that have historically shown potential for outperformance in the U.S. equity market.

  • How is the TILT ETF diversified?

    The TILT ETF provides diversification across various sectors and industries within the U.S. equity market by investing in a broad range of companies that exhibit the targeted factors.