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How Diversified Is Your Portfolio Really?

Portfolio overlap and correlation are commonplace as funds often track the same assets and indices. These types of concentration risks in a portfolio of ETFs and Mutual Funds are hard to spot. That's where we come in: ETF Insider gives you the tools to do diversification right - Higher returns lower risk.

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ETF Insider is a novel data visualization and analytics tool for retail investors to gain insight into portfolio compositions, concentration risks, portfolio efficiency and much more.

Portfolio visibility to identify fund and asset overlap

portfolio visibility

ETF Insider is a tool to easily breakdown and visualize overlap between multiple ETFs and Mutual Funds and to identify how much of any single asset is held within a portfolio of overlapping funds.
Index funds are often highly weighted for the same large cap growth stocks in the USA. This may give the illusion of a highly diversified portfolio. For example, the 7 largest stocks in the S&P 500 account for 25% of the index - All of which are in a single sector.


Concentration risks come in many forms, which can cause investors to be exposed to significant losses in the event something happens in their area of concentration. The risk may be geographical, sectoral or simple over exposure to a small subset of individual stocks. With ETF Insider, investors can identify their real world exposures and diversification across sectors, geographies, cap sizes, and market types.

asset allocation, diversification and concentration risk analysis
efficiency frontier & asset allocation optimization

portfolio efficiency

At its core, investment is a balance of risk and reward - For every level of risk investors should be appropriately compensated with returns, if they aren't then the portfolio is inefficient and should be optimized.
Using Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), ETF Insider can calculate and graph the efficiency of different portfolio compositions and allocations to find the optimal point of risk to reward.

See ETF insider
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Select one or more index funds to see what they contain and how they overlap. You can add ETFs, Mutual Funds, Stocks and more. Add tickers in Web Application to break down your own portfolio for insights and analytics.

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ETF Insider takes large quantities of unorganized financial data from multiple data sources and normalizes and organizes it such that useful and actionable information can be found with modern data visualization techniques.

Insightful Visualization

Gain deep visibility into your portfolio with Sankey diagrams, correlation matrices, efficiency frontiers and more.


Analyze your portfolio by drilling down into constituent holdings, asset classes, sectors, geographies and exchanges.

Real Time Data

Track the performance of individual assets to understand what's actually causing fund and index price movements.

Hidden Risks

Utilizing big data technology to organize financial data and identify concentration risks.

International Coverage

Compare multiple asset classes from all the major international stock exchanges. ETF Insider supports US equities, ETFs, Mutual funds and international equities.

Intuitive Application

Bringing modern data visualization tools to the retail investor for the first time.

Broad market coverage

Get detailed full holdings data from all the US listed ETF and Mutual Fund providers.

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