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AMAX, the issuer of Adaptive ETFs, operates with an actively managed approach, diverging from index replication to pursue total return. The fund's strategy encompasses a blend of investments in other registered investment companies and direct placements, presenting a diversified portfolio spanning various asset classes including fixed income and equity securities. These investments may range from mortgage-backed securities to dividend-paying equities, demonstrating flexibility in its asset allocation without sector limitations. Moreover, the fund integrates risk management strategies, employing options trading and ETF investments to mitigate volatility and safeguard against potential downturns in the market. Leveraging mathematical tools to monitor equity indices, AMAX strategically adjusts its exposure, potentially reallocating assets to cash or employing hedging overlays during periods of heightened market risk. Additionally, with intentions to enhance diversification and income generation, the fund plans to invest in commodities through a wholly-owned subsidiary. AMAX's investment decisions are guided by thorough research and valuation metrics, aiming to capitalize on upside potential while diligently managing downside risk, thereby offering investors a dynamic and comprehensive approach to portfolio management.


AMAX's dividend strategy is underpinned by a meticulous selection process, focusing on securities with attractive dividend yields and diversification benefits. The fund's investment approach prioritizes income generation while maintaining a balanced portfolio across various sectors and asset classes. By investing in dividend-paying equities, REITs, preferred securities, and other income-producing assets, AMAX aims to deliver consistent returns to its investors. Additionally, the fund's risk management framework ensures prudent allocation of assets, safeguarding dividend income during market fluctuations. Through rigorous analysis and ongoing evaluation of performance metrics, AMAX seeks to optimize dividend payments while managing overall portfolio risk, offering investors a reliable source of income and long-term value appreciation.


AMAX's tracking methodology is characterized by a dynamic and adaptive approach, emphasizing agility and responsiveness to market trends. Leveraging sophisticated investment models, the fund continuously monitors price momentum, volatility, and comparative indicators relative to various indices. This comprehensive analysis informs timely adjustments to the fund's asset allocation, ensuring alignment with evolving market conditions. Moreover, AMAX employs a robust risk management strategy, utilizing technical metrics to identify periods of heightened market risk and potential downturns. By incorporating hedging overlays and options trading, the fund mitigates downside risk while preserving upside potential. Overall, AMAX's tracking strategy combines rigorous quantitative analysis with proactive risk management measures, aiming to optimize performance and deliver value to investors in changing market environments.


AMAX's correlation strategy is built on a foundation of diversification and risk management, aiming to minimize correlation to broader market movements. Through strategic asset allocation across various sectors, asset classes, and geographic regions, the fund seeks to reduce dependence on any single market factor. Additionally, AMAX employs advanced correlation analysis techniques to identify and capitalize on opportunities for portfolio diversification. By investing in assets with low or negative correlations to each other, the fund aims to enhance overall portfolio stability and reduce downside risk. Furthermore, the fund's active management approach allows for dynamic adjustments to correlation strategies based on changing market conditions and risk factors. Overall, AMAX's correlation strategy reflects a commitment to prudently managing portfolio risk while seeking to optimize returns for investors.


AMAX's sector strategy is characterized by a flexible and opportunistic approach, unbounded by traditional sector constraints. The fund's investment philosophy prioritizes identifying sectors with the greatest potential for positive performance and income generation, guided by comprehensive research and valuation metrics. This approach allows AMAX to capitalize on evolving market trends and shifting economic landscapes. Moreover, the fund's active management style enables swift adjustments to sector allocations in response to changing market dynamics, ensuring alignment with prevailing opportunities and risks. By maintaining a diversified portfolio across sectors and industries, AMAX aims to optimize risk-adjusted returns for investors while navigating through various market cycles. Overall, AMAX's sector strategy reflects a commitment to dynamic portfolio management, driven by a forward-looking assessment of sector-specific opportunities and risks.


AMAX's exposure strategy is characterized by a balanced and diversified approach, aiming to capture upside potential while managing downside risk. The fund strategically allocates its assets across a wide range of investment opportunities, including equity and fixed income securities, as well as commodities through a wholly-owned subsidiary. This broad exposure across asset classes allows AMAX to benefit from diverse sources of returns and income streams. Additionally, the fund's risk management framework incorporates options trading, ETF investments, and hedging overlays to mitigate volatility and safeguard against market downturns. By actively monitoring market trends and employing sophisticated analytical tools, AMAX seeks to optimize its exposure to various asset classes, ensuring resilience and adaptability in changing market environments. Overall, AMAX's exposure strategy is designed to provide investors with a comprehensive and dynamic investment approach, aimed at delivering long-term value and capital appreciation.

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How does the AMAX ETF work?
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How does the AMAX ETF work?

The AMAX ETF is a specialized investment fund that focuses on a specific sector. This exchange-traded fund offers investors exposure to a range of companies in this sector.

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