FBZ VS BRAZ: A Comprehensive Comparison of ETFs
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By Beqa Bumbeishvili, ETF Insider

FBZ VS BRAZ: A Comprehensive Comparison of ETFs

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) have revolutionized the investment landscape, providing investors with diversified exposure to various sectors and asset classes. In this article, we will conduct an in-depth comparison between two prominent ETFs: FBZ (First Trust Brazil AlphaDEX Fund) and BRAZ (Global X MSCI Brazil Consumer ETF). This comprehensive analysis will cover critical aspects such as ETF tickers, full names, issuers, sectors, top holdings, capitalization, strategy, tracking, and exposure.

FBZ VS BRAZ: Overview

FBZ and BRAZ are two ETFs that offer distinct investment approaches within the Brazilian market. While FBZ utilizes an AlphaDEX strategy to select and weight Brazilian stocks, BRAZ concentrates on the consumer sector in Brazil. These varying approaches result in divergent exposure and potential returns, as we will delve into in the subsequent sections.

FBZ VS BRAZ: Sectors and Top Holdings

The FBZ ETF is centered around the Brazilian equity market and employs a factor-based methodology to select its holdings. Its top holdings include companies such as Vale S.A., Itau Unibanco Holding S.A., and Banco Bradesco S.A. On the other hand, BRAZ focuses on the consumer sector within Brazil, with key holdings like Magazine Luiza S.A. and Lojas Americanas S.A. Understanding the sectors and top holdings aids investors in aligning their investment goals with the suitable ETF.

FBZ overlap FBZ VS BRAZ: A Comprehensive Comparison of ETFsFBZ overlap FBZ VS BRAZ: A Comprehensive Comparison of ETFs

FBZ VS BRAZ: Capitalization and Strategy

FBZ boasts a significant Asset Under Management (AUM), reflecting its appeal among investors seeking exposure to Brazilian equities. Its AlphaDEX methodology aims to enhance returns by selecting stocks based on multiple factors. In contrast, BRAZ's strategy revolves around tracking the MSCI Brazil Consumer Discretionary 10/50 Index, emphasizing consumer-oriented companies. Differences in capitalization and strategy contribute to distinct risk and return profiles, necessitating careful consideration.

FBZ VS BRAZ: Tracking and Exposure

FBZ's objective is to provide investors with exposure to a diversified portfolio of Brazilian stocks, while BRAZ hones in on the consumer discretionary sector. FBZ utilizes the AlphaDEX methodology to create its portfolio, and BRAZ tracks an index that captures the performance of Brazilian consumer-focused companies. Understanding these tracking and exposure strategies empowers investors to make informed decisions aligned with their investment preferences.


FBZ and BRAZ present unique opportunities for investors seeking exposure to the Brazilian market. Their differing approaches cater to distinct investment preferences, emphasizing factors such as stock selection methodology and sector concentration. For individuals interested in delving deeper into the intricacies of these ETFs, ETF Insider serves as an invaluable tool. Through its user-friendly app, investors can gain insights into holdings, correlations, overlaps, and more across various financial instruments.

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